Mother !!

“It is not appropriate for an older lady to show that much cleavage, mom,” I heard her whisper behind me. “You are my mother, and you are embarrassing me right now.” I wanted to respond by yelling fuck you!’ louder than I have ever yelled something. But I couldn’t. Instead I just kept smiling. I pretended that I couldn’t hear her. As passive-aggressive as it was, it still felt good to get some of that frustration out. After all, I am neither old or a real lady. I may look like I am both of those things, thanks to her, my diabolical daughter.’But I am not. I am a man, at least where it counts.I was eighteen, and lonely. I had been gawky and nerdy all my life, and the most attention I ever got from a girl was when she called me a creep’ and threw coffee in my face. I was desperate, but then I met her.She seemed like a dream, then.Maybe I should have known. I should have known that no girl that cute would ever truly like me. She just wanted to manipulate me. Some girls are far more interested in owning a slave, rather than having a boyfriend. She, Alice, was one of these girls. And as she got me in her trap, she never let me out.She wasn’t actually eighteen, like she had told me. She was fifteen. She was underage. That wouldn’t be so bad, most people would understand she was only three years younger than me, but she had let me take pictures of her naked. If she wanted to, she could tell her parents how I forced her to pose for the camera. It wasn’t true, she encouraged me to take those pictures, but who’d believe me? Alice had effectively put a chain around my neck, and now I was hers for life.She liked putting me in her clothes. I guess it had to do with me being so short and skinny.

We were nearly the same size. But I would never have guessed where her perverted mind would go. What she wanted to do to me. One thing for her to treat me like dirt. For her to humiliate me and degrade me. But, she never did anything this… permanent. Two years ago, Alice announced that she wanted me to become her new mother. It may seem impossible, but nothing is truly impossible for Alice. Through the right surgical procedures, and the right experimental drugs, she effectively transformed me from a twenty-something guy into a forty-year-old woman. I looked twice the age that I was, and I looked more feminine than I could ever imagine looking. I looked natural, like as if I had always been a woman. I seemed so effortlessly womanly that it made me doubt that I wasn’t Alice’s mother.I don’t work, Alice won’t allow it. Instead I take community college courses and I tell everyone that I have been recently divorced. I tell them that I was a stay-at-home mom, and that I need to start learning to live alone. Not that I get to take any courses that I actually want to take.Alice took extra delight in making me take any course ‘appropriate’ for a middle-aged lady such as myself. Gardening, nursing, hairdressing..whatever horribly feminine thing you can imagine.The worst is that I am actually a good student. I am actually good ot this.”You know that I am taking you on a double date?” Alice asked. “Did I forget to mention that? I always wanted a new dad, and you clearly need somebody to take care of you. Don’t worry about your little ‘secret.’He knows. But I am worried he might think you are trying a little too hard to seduce him, but what do I know. Old men tends to be such perverts.

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