Mother Ran away in Son’s Body !!

The past 24 hours had been what Eric discovered to be his worst nightmare. And he had nightmares before, particularly bad ones when he was little- buy nothing had ever compared to waking up one morning in his own mother’s body. After the initial disbelief, confirmation and then shock, the first thing he did was try to find her. Instinctivly he checked his own bedroom, but she (or he?) wasn’t there. She wasn’t anywhere in the house, something he became even more sure of when he discovered her car missing from the driveway. What had she done? Where did she go Homebound and terrified to leave anyway, Eric paced back and forth, waiting for her to return home. The day turned to night and she was still gone- why would she do this to him, and then leave him here to panic?

Was she ever going to come back? Only working himself up more at the thought, Eric decided to try and distract himself by going on the Internet and waiting for her to come back home. But his attempt at distraction only made things worse when he discovered a very distressing recent article on his homepage. “An eighteen year-old boy was pulled over in Indiana after authorities intercepted him racing a passenger train. The boy (pictured right) had no identification and would not admit where he was from. When asked what his motivation was for behaving so recklessly, he only responded “I’m never going back home! Never!” Eric froze. The boy pictured was him, standing there by his mother’s car! It had to be her! Only two thoughts screamed in his mind- why was she doing this to him and what did she mean by “never going back home“??

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