Karl was an only child and his father passed away when he was only a baby. His mother was as loving and caring as any other mother but with one caveat, she was a witch. Not one of that wart-nosed caldron stirring, Halloween witches but simply a woman with magical abilities. Naturally, this caused Karl’s upbringing to be a bit different from those of his friends, for one reason above all else. Karl’s mother confided in him that she had always wanted a daughter to bond with and at her age she was not prepared to have another child. She asked Karl if he would be willing to be turned into a girl for one week a year and go on vacation with his mother. At first, Karl was reluctant but he knew it would make his mother happy so he agreed. So every year for 7 years Karl turns into a girl for a week and goes on a mother-daughter vacation.

This year, however, was different. They took their annual trip to the beach, did some shopping, laid by the pool and went to dinner. Karl even got to wear his new outfit he bought the same day; a cute red dress with black stockings and a new bag. Though, when they arrived back home Karl found himself dreading the transformation back into a man. He had grown to enjoy the mother-daughter relationship with his mother, and he loved the way his female body felt. Karl kept postponing the transformation, telling his mother that he wasn’t feeling well and to wait until the next day but eventually he was forced to come clean. He told his mother that he wanted to stay a woman and his mother could not have been happier.

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