Pete disowned his son when he came out as trans. He refused to call her by her new name, constantly called her names like “fag,” “dike,” and saying that he would never be a real woman. The last straw was when Pete wrote him out of his will and froze his accounts.
His new daughter Sammi was left with no choice but to sue her once loving father. Her mother had died 2 years before Sammi began her transition, and Sammi had noticed her father grow more distant in that time, culminating in the rampage he went on when she announced her plans. The case was a blowout, as Pete was admitted to a mental hospital, forced to give all his belongings to his daughter, and forced to visit the hospital psychiatrist every day. It was during these appointments when one of Pete’s biggest secrets was unveiled.

Petra had been a cross dresser, and while Sammi’s mom knew this, Sammi was oblivious. The reason that Petra had reacted the way she did to her daughter’s transition was because of jealousy. But during her stay in the mental hospital, Petra came to terms with who she was and was discharged from the hospital as a completely different person. She moved into an apartment at a house that her daughter had bought with her fiancee, and began to embrace her role as a mother, not a father. Petra had been “forced” to not transition while her wife was still alive so Sammi would have a father figure in her life growing up. But when Petra’s wife died and Sammi began her transition, all of the pent-up frustration from not being able to transition burst out. Now 4 years after the lawsuit ended, Petra is getting ready to walk her daughter down the aisle and begin her own life.

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