You always were popular in school. You and another guy were challenging for the one who was the most popular, who dated the hottest girl of school and for who was the best quarterback. You were winning the race more and more when your rival saw his losing. I want to give you this disc, I know I have lost and want to do something to become friends with you.” You were a little reluctant, but accepted it and used it. You did in your car radio and drove away to home. Underway you stopped by the clothing shop for new clothes, you really needed some more fancy ones. You stopped by another one to shop for some things for your face and nails, those were really messy! You entered the hairdresser too, you really needed a new haircut! On your way to home, you were thinking about how gentle your ex-rival was. If you could only just flirt a little with him before cheerleading! Hopefully, he doesn’t date those other girls, because you are so much more.

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