Money Issues !!

Shane was having some money issues so he decided to fake his own kidnap. Shane asked his best friend James if he could help him and he agreed. To be sure, that he would not be recognized, Shane slipped into a bodysuit that would make him a woman. Shane could now live as Sheila the girlfriend of James without having to fear that he was recognized. James helped Shane with getting the suit on. When James closed the last zipper of the suit Shane felt the long blond hair cascading over his shoulders. He had a smaller frame, and he could feel that his limbs were more slender and elegant. His hips were wider and his waist had shrunken while he had two breasts on his chest

“OMG, the suit really transformed me into a woman,” Shane said to James with a high-pitched feminine voice. Now being a woman meant that she had to wear female clothes like dresses, skirts, blouses, pantyhose, stockings, bras, panties and heels. Part of the deal with James was that James could pick the clothes she had to wear. So the only clothes James let Sheila wear were high heeled boots and short skin-tight dresses.

Now being Sheila, she had to wait until the ransom was paid and in the meantime, she had to be James his girlfriend. However, the ransom was never paid, little did she know that James never delivered the ransom request. During her time as Sheila, she started to develop new feminine needs. After a few weeks when she put on stockings, high heeled boots, and a dress, it was feeling like a second nature. When she slipped into the boots, she was doing it as she had never done anything else

After waiting several months on the ransom to be paid it was clear for Sheila that the ransom would not be paid. Shane decided to take his loss and become Sheila completely because he liked his life as Sheila more than his old life as Shane. To become Sheila completely she had to make love because experiencing the big O would trigger the bonding of the bodysuit to his body. Sheila knew that it would not take a lot of effort to seduce James because he already tried to get her in his bed a few times. So she put on the clothes she knew James liked on her and while she looked down she knew she would be seeing this for the rest of her life.

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