Modern Times

‘Oh God… get off me! How much longer do I have to stand here like this? Everyone keeps touching me!’ Adam’s institution was staging a large exhibit covering gender roles through the ages… and he was the main attraction! In these modern times the organisers thought it was important to cover the way in which gender boundaries can be overcome, all the way up to the extremes of a full transformation. After carefully screening its employees, Adam’s body type was found to be the most suitable for feminising… and so here he was! Adam had no idea how much would be involved – the money was good and his boss made it sound like all he would have to do was stand around in town wearing a dress for a few hours – how wrong he was. Paid up front to make sure he wouldn’t back out, Adam found himself being subjected to a full day of feminisation until everything was just right. At the end of it all he was put in this awkward brown dress and shown his reflection – Adam couldn’t believe his eyes! He was taken to the exhibit and instructed to stand still so that he may be admired by passers by… but all this touching was making him uncomfortable! The exhibit still had hours to go and once it was over Adam would face the diMcult task of undoing all of the changes that were made. But as he stood there watching people’s reactions he couldn’t help but think about how gorgeous his reflection had been. Maybe he wouldn’t change back straight away… there was no harm in experiencing life as a woman for a little while, right?

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