When Greg caught his sisters reading a bunch of bridal magazines, he had scoffed at them – they were teenagers, why did they need wedding advice? The magazines were full of beautiful looking women in various wedding outfits, and Greg had found it even more amusing when his eldest sister, who was 18, actually ordered one of them!

“Who’s going to want to marry you?” he had said,

“You don’t even have a boyfriend!” If only he knew then what he knew now. The dress was never for any of his sisters – it was for him! His sisters had grown tired of his sexist remarks and decided that he could learn a lesson from being a bride for the day. After revealing their plans to him in detail, they quickly set to work on him. Greg had screamed and shouted, throwing punches wherever he could but it was no use. Before he knew it, he was naked and in the shower with hair removal cream being rubbed all over him. By the time he was dry and in panties, he was exhausted from all the struggling.

He started to cry as he felt his masculinity slipping away – his sisters forced him into a waist nipper which they made extra tight so he was as uncomfortable as possible. Greg felt himself becoming faint and had to sit down, allowing the girls to get to work on his face and hair. He actually fell unconscious at one point due to his constant struggling and moaning, and the girls took full advantage of that to glue the breast forms into place and attach his bra. They glued a long brown wig to his head which they then styled and tied up at the back of his head, securing it in place with a pretty white ribbon. They also clipped on some earrings and did Greg’s make-up, but they made sure he was awake for the central part of the transformation.

Greg groggily tried to protest as he felt his feet being pushed into the dress. It was quickly lifted to his waist where it was tied, bulging out slightly at his newly enlarged chest. Greg started to cry as he realized he couldn’t remove the wig from his head. He got up and started to untie the dress when he was pushed back down again.

“Now then, we have the solvent you need to get this stuff off but you’re going to have to pose for us first, and that means you have to stop crying.”

Greg slowly controlled his breathing and sat on the bed as the girls fussed over some final details – they made him hold a flower in his hand and told him exactly how to pose. Greg’s eyes were raw from crying as they took a few photos from different angles. Then, to his surprise, they tossed him some solvent and left him to undo all of their work. A few weeks later Greg received something in the post. Opening it up he was disgusted to see that it was another one of those damned bridal magazines. Attached was a note:

“Congratulations! The photo you submitted was good enough to be featured on the front cover of our newest issue! We’d be delighted to interview you and find out more about the lucky guy for a future issue.” Greg felt sick, and one look at the magazine confirmed it was him. He looked up to see the wicked smiles on his sisters’ faces as they advanced towards him. “Now now, you’ll want to look your best for your interview. Time to make some calls to your friends to find you a new husband!!”




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