Mission Possible !!

Pvt. Samuel Martin was a good soldier. He always followed orders down to the T and never asked questions. When he was injured overseas and he was forced to retire from active duty, the CIA jumped at the chance to get their hands on the best soldier to come out of the Army. An agent visited Martin in the hospital and told him the CIA had a way for him to return to service. Martin jumped at the opportunity and the CIA arranged the procedure.  When Martin woke up, he was changed. Using experimental nano-based technology, they turned Pvt. Samuel Martin into Agent Samantha Martin. They told him that statistically, women had an easier time on covert missions, but very rarely did they have the training of their male counterparts.

They had the whole package with ”Samantha.” Martin went on his first mission the next week. His job was to infiltrate a domestic terrorist’ s HQ and gather Intel. With his new body dressed the right way, Martin found the infiltration part of the mission easier than he could have imagined. His new found curves were a weapon all their own. The mission was a complete success and Martin celebrated with the rest of the team. He may not be serving his country the way he used to but he was always willing to do whatever it takes, no matter what the cost.

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