Billy and Johnny were problem children. Nothing serious or illegal, just disrespectful and irritating. Mom and dad couldn’t take it anymore so they tapped their retirement funds to pay for a nanobot treatment for the boys. The goal was to change them into respectful young ladies that listened to their parents. The boys had no idea what was about to hit them. They walked into the treatment center planning foolhardy deeds for the afternoon. Their plans were foiled. The boys walked out as Bethany and Moira. There were no screams and angry tantrums. The boys looked at each other and smiled.

Mom and dad miscalculated. Young ladies can get into as much (or more) mischief than boys. There was a notable difference for Bethany and Moira. They loved shopping as all girls do. They spent hours at the mall each day. Bethany and Moira loved shopping for sexy dresses, lingerie, and stilettos. They couldn’t get enough. The transformation was the best thing that ever happened to the boys. They are so excited trying out new fashions. Who knew life could be so good?

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