Are you sure about this, Carly? I mean…do you seriously think this is going to work?
Of course I’m sure. Aren’t you?
I don’t know. Yeah. I just…no…I don’t know.
This was your idea, remember?
I know, but –
Hooters, but for girls. That’s what you said. A bunch of sexy guys in revealing uniforms, serving cheap food to horny women. That was your pitch. That was your million dollar idea, Lane. And that’s what I’ve spent the past six months putting together.
Yeah. I know. And you’ve done great, but-
I’ve spent thousands of dollars. I’ve hired the other servers. I’ve done everything I could to make this successful. And now you’re having doubts?

Yeah, no – I still think it can work. It will work. But I guess when I told you about this idea, I just imagined a bunch of ripped guys in speedos or something. N-not this.
You look great. And besides, that whole muscle-bound jock aesthetic is completely out, now. We went over this. Girls want a sensitive guy. A pretty boy. Like you and the other servers I hired.
I understand. I do. And I agree. But I feel like I’m… I guess I just didn’t expect to feel so exposed.
First day jitters, huh? That’s understandable. But believe me, when you get out there, you’ll be fine. Before long, you won’t even notice the uniform.
I guess.
Now – let’s make this work, okay? And don’t forget – the more you flirt with the ladies, the better your tips will he. And don’t neglect their husbands either.
Y-yeah. I…um…yeah. Sure. Thanks for the tip.


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