Men in Lingerie !!

The auditorium was noisy with the excited chatter of the gathered women. Wives, sisters, girlfriends of all ages filled with anticipation at the event that was about to start. Finally the lights faded and the talking died down as a spotlight illuminated the stage at the front of the room. The graduating class of the Faith in Feminine retraining program were about to show the themselves.To the accompaniment of soft music each of the husbands, brothers and boyfriends trotted onto the stage to welcoming applause. The men wore outfits of their own choice to demonstrate their new understanding of feminine fashion and feelings.The boys put on a colourful display of fine lingerie and how to wear it. The women in the audience cheered each new graduate as he came on to the stage, performed a twirl and then took his place at the back of the stage.

In the audience Jill waited hardly daring to breath. She had only been married a month before she sent her new husband Peter to be retrained in full femininity. As the graduates swished on to the stage, each looking more girly than the last, she could only imagine how her husband would look. At last Peter walked into the spotlight and Jill gasped with delight. Peter was wearing a black swimsuit lingerie . His blonde hair was long and luxurious and tied up casually on top of his head so that it flowed down to his shoulders. His make up gave him a young, innocent look, and even his posture was a perfect display of a gentle, submissive, femininity. Jill felt tears well up in her eyes as she looked down on her husband. If she hadn’t known better she would have thought him to truly be a young woman. He was perfect.

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