Medical Mystery !!

One year ago today I woke up different. I went to sleep that night a perfectly normal guy, not a care in the world. When I opened my eyes the next morning, I knew something was wrong. There was an emptiness in my crotch that I was not used to and on further inspection, I realized what was wrong. Somehow, I was now in possession of a womanhood. After a trip to the hospital, it was confirmed that it was a functional organ, coupled with a uterus and no trace of any male reproductive system. And yet, aside from my new plumbing, I appeared completely normal. No one had any answers as to why I had gone from a rooster to a hen overnight. I was a medical mystery. Things only got worse from there. My body began to change to match my new crotch. First, it was a figure which thinned out and became more of an hourglass, than my hips and ass began to expand and eventually my breasts began to grow. Before I knew it, I was completely female. That was a year ago and since then I have gotten more comfortable in my body. In fact, I am enjoying it. I love my new figure; my hips, my legs, my chest. I love the clothes I wear, my bras and skirts. Tight tee shirts that show off cleavage. I even love the way men look at me, and the way they treat me; like a beautiful woman. I was a medical mystery. And I love it.

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