Kenny and Jack were friends since kindergarten. The boys loved playing together, studied together and even double dated together. But after they graduated from high school and college they felt an emptiness. Both Kenny and Jack dated several girls over the years, but they never really found the right girl with the right interests. Neither Kenny nor Jack is gay so they had to keep looking for their soulmate. On day Kenny read an article that changed their life. A new procedure was developed by a Chinese company that transformed a man into a fully functional woman with only two weeks of hormone treatments. The cost was within the budget of Kenny and Jack. After a long talk, it was decided that Jack would make the transformation. They fell in love soon after the procedure and married. You’ll never find a happier, more well-adjusted couple anywhere. What started as a friendship all those years ago in kindergarten has blossomed into a deeply romantic, loving relationship. Jack changed his name to Bethany after treatment. They were married six months later.

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