Matt and his girlfriend Hannah were very competitive, so much so that when they decided to play a simple game of dares, it soon spiraled into a very competitive contest. In response to Matt’s dare of running round her garden naked, Hannah dared him to dress up as a bunny girl and send her a picture as proof. She even let Matt borrow her yellow bunny girl costume. Matt decided to pull out all the stops, borrowing his sisters’ makeup and shoes, as well as using a wig from an old Halloween costume. He even used online makeup tips to get that perfect girly look. When he was satisfied with his look, he struck up his girliest pose and snapped a picture, sent it off and waited eagerly for Hannah’s response. Soon his phone buzzed, however it wasn’t a message from Hannah, it was from her brother Harry:

“It took me a few seconds, but I’d recognize that face anywhere! Get ready to let me in slut, I’ll be there in 5 minutes! Xx”

Matt read the message over and over again trying desperately to find a way how this wasn’t really happening. Knowing he was trapped; he threw his phone onto the bed and made his way downstairs. Matt didn’t hear the phone buzz again with a message from Hannah:

“I hear you’ve just had a text from my brother! Sorry but he’s sooo desperate for a girlfriend and I’ve got sooo many guys wanting me, that I thought I’d share what I had! I guess I lose dares, but then I think you’re about to lose your virginity as a girl..”


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