Marrying my Best Friend !!

“Matt, I have a question for you,” Amelia said as she sat on the sofa in the bride’s dressing room, looking beautiful in her dress. “Sure, anything,” I replied “I know this is going to sound like a weird question, but bear with me. If you were a woman, would you marry John?” she asked. “That is a weird question,” I said with a laugh, “But yea, sure l would. I mean, he’s been my best friend forever. He’s a great guy, so if I was going to marry a guy, he d be right up on the top of my list.” “I hope you really mean that…” the woman said as she closed her eyes. Before I could say anything more, I felt light headed. For a moment I stumbled and thought I was going to fall over, only to be surprised by the fact that I was already sitting cross-legged on the sofa. Amelia had been occupying just moments earlier. The funny thing was, looking down, it looked like Amelia was still sitting there…

“What the…” I began, but cut myself off when Amelia’s soft voice came out of my mouth. “I’m sorry Matt… Amelia,” my former body said from the spot I’d been standing in just moments earlier, “l couldn’t’ go through with the wedding… but I couldn’t just leave John either. You’re right, he’s a great guy, and I’m sure he’ll be a wonderful husband for you. A moment later Amelia’s father walked in to tell me that it was time to begin the ceremony. I wanted to scream that I wasn’t who he thought he was, but I knew there was no way anybody would believe me. I wanted to run away, but like the real Amelia, I couldn’t bear the thought of just leaving John high and dry at the altar. So, instead of either of those things, I got up, awkwardly tried to steady myself in my new body, and followed “my” father out to the chapel where I’d be marrying my best friend. I just hoped that Amelia would have a change of heart of change us back before the honeymoon….

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