Mark Woke up in Wife’s Body !!

Mark woke up from a deep sleep. He stretched out his limbs and sighed. He felt wonderful and refreshed. He reached out for his wife Nancy but she was already up. The covers were warm and cozy and the sheets felt soft and smooth against his skin. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. He pointed his toes and stretched, then hugged himself. It was amazing what a good night’s sleep could do for you, he thought to himself.

Then a sudden doubt came rushing into his mind. He ran his hands over his body and felt the silky pyjamas,the swell of his breasts, the smoothness of his legs. He jumped up and knelt on the bed his hands running through the tumble of hair that fell about his shoulders. Nancy had switched bodies with him in the night. He didn’t know how she did it and she never warned him when she wanted to use his body. Last time she had disappeared for over a week before she finally came home. She never told him where she went or what she did but judging by the love-bites he usually found on himself afterwards he probably didn’t want to know…

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