Man is Turned into a Girl for not paying his debt !!

I’ve grown to love it somehow, even though the whole thing wasn’t my choice at all. When I lost everything, l made a life changing decision .l made debts with some credit sharks. One of them, I might have not asked for money, it was rumoured that he had horrible punishments for those who are not able to pay up their debts. But now it was too late. After he scared me off for months, had people follow me home which I suspected were working for him. But after all, I ended up in a confrontation with this loan shark, he told me that he was offering me a deal: He would allow me to pay 10 percent of my debts and forget about the other 90 percent. The only liability was, l would have needed to pay him until the end of that week. I tried to, l honestly tried to pay him, but after all I ended only being able to afford about 5% of my debts.

So when he confronted me, he told me I would not be leaving anytime soon, and I would be working for him. Then I must have passed out. I don’t know how long l was off, but when I woke up, I was no longer a man as far as I could tell.They must have performed many surgeries to transform me into a woman. They changed my face, gave me breast implants and performed surgery to give me a female part where my penis used to reside. They told me I was to work of my debts adding the costs of the treatments as a exclusive escort. Even though I still wished I had a chance to escape this fate,I know that I need to work here for at least the next 4 years. I know I could hope to reverse some of the things they’d done, but as far l know a vaginoplasty is permanent by todays standard. But I guess as I got used to it in 4 years time I might hardly be able to remember l once use to be a man. After all Tommy will be gone, replaced entirely by Maria.I guess when I payed up my dues, my memories about dreaming a man will be a distant memory.

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  1. I want to find someone that will force feminization me or help me be the woman I need to be , Is there any loan sharks that will help me with my dream ! Or I want to find a wonderful woman that will help me become the woman I want to be ! I hate being a guy so much ! It makes me really depressed and I just want to hurt myself please anyone ! I’m open to any suggestions or options ! Thanks

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