Man Trapped in Woman’s Body !!

Lucas stared out the window, looking at the outside world, wondering when he would have the courage to return to it as what he now was- a female. He was a sophomore in college, and like most of his contemporaries, he was flat broke. He had decided to take part in a voluntary clinical trial for a pharmaceutical company- one that paid far more than recycling cans or donating plasma ever would. Even better, it was for a growth hormone; if anything the process would bulk him up, barring any potential side-effects. Lucas’ only mistake was in his assumption that hormones they would be giving him were male. Still, he had signed the waiver, and the single-visit trial had been completed. That was when the changes began to occur.

For weeks, without even a second dose, his body continued to change out of control, delivering his modest male frame to a slender, feminine body. His face, his hips, his body hair, his chest-they all slowly betrayed him. In a month’s time he looked like a distance female relative of himself- and the pharmaceutical company offered no possible reversal of the effects. He was now man trapped inside a woman’s body. He had to buy new underwear. He contemplated changing his name. But what he feared most was re- entering the world as a woman- because once he did, he would be considered a woman forever. The money he had received was running out… and he had no other choice.

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