Man is Turned into a Beautiful Secretary !!

When Drabble Industries was heavily fined for institutional sexism, the board of Directors knew they had to act fast to reclaim the confidence of their investors, and the public, and so they undertook a radical reorientation programme.Men were offered a 1% pay rise if they agreed to attend an awareness course, they were offered a 5% pay rise if they agreed to temporarily swap roles with a female employee for six months and could get a whopping 20% rise if they agreed to dress and act as a woman during that six months.

Joshua Tilbury was desperately in need of cash, so he volunteered for the third option and agreed to spend six months living and working as a secretary named Sarah.He expected he’d be embarrassed and would take a lot of stick from his co-workers, but he really needed the money.What he didn’t expect was that he’d find life as Sarah far more comfortable than his life as Joshua.So much so that he’s made the move permanent,and the extra cash he’s earned is more than enough to pay for his reassignment surgery. Best of all he’s also now dating Daniel from accounts.Hooray for sexism!

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