“You don’t even fit into her bras anymore, Jolene.” Pastor Martin said. “Amazing that you’ve developed a bigger bust than my wife had. I must admit, you’ve come much further in the last year than I expected.” T-Thank you, Pastor,” Joel managed, speaking in his girly voice as he looked at the floor. “Does that mean you’ll send me home soon?” “Home?” Pastor Martin snorted. “You are home.” Joel fought away the fury and panic. Outbursts only got him locked in the storm shelter, sometimes for days. “I thought after you finished… changing me… you’d send me back to my family. To humiliate me.” “You’re not supposed to be thinking,” the Pastor said. “But do you remember why you’re here? “Because… I drank too much, and I drove, and I “Killed my wife,” the Pastor finished. “Do you think embarrassment is a suitable punishment for murder in the eyes of the Lord? An eye for an eye, that’s God’s law. The hormones and surgery haven’t been to humiliate you, they’ve been to help you atone. “Atone how?” “The only way possible. A pastor needs a wife, Jolene.” Joel couldn’t help it, he looked up in shock. The Pastor was smiling. Of course, only a man and a woman can marry in the eyes of God. So tomorrow you’ll be undergoing a final surgery to transform your body and your soul into a daughter of Eve.” “No!” Joel cried. “Please!” Quiet!” The Pastor shouted, and Joel shrank away. The Pastor looked him over and nodded thoughtfully. “You’ll look lovely in her wedding gown. It’s white lace. She was a virgin on our wedding night… just like you’ll be, Jolene.”

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