From a Male Student to a Housewife !!

In the aftermath of the Cosmic Shuffle, the 15 million victims found they had to adapt to whole new lives. Finding yourself in another body was hard enough, but it was harder still when the new body differed in age and gender to your original one. Those who had it hardest were those who found they weren’t even in the same country.Take Christopher,one moment he was a 20 year old university student in Manchester, and the next he was a 35 year old German housewife named Trudy Schmidt. Christopher had to deal with not only becoming a woman, but a woman about twice his age living in another country .It might not have been so bad, only Trudy’s husband, Manfred, doesn’t speak a word of English and, despite knowing full well that his Trudy is gone, doesn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t still enjoy his conjugal rights with the new Trudy.Slowly but surely Christopher is getting used to being Trudy. He’s learnt enough German to be able to get by, and manages to do the shopping and cleaning, and he’s even learning to cook.He’s also getting used to love making with Manfred although Trudy’s burley husband does seem to be insatiable, and expects Christopher to drop his knickers whenever he wants. It’s not that Christopher doesn’t enjoy this, in fact he enjoys it a lot, he’s just tired of being surprised whilst he’s trying to cook or clean or watch some TV by a mad older man who never takes no for an answer.Now as Trudy tries to cover herself up after another surprise screw, Christopher wonders if he’ll ever fully get used to his new life.

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