“Please, auntie. I don’t like this. I don’t want to dress like this.” Samuel pleaded, as he inspected his new blonde hair .
“You don’t have a choice, Sammy. I have paid for everything you’ve ever wanted and I never got a word of thanks. Now, you complain when I buy you nice clothes? Do you not want me to buy you things. Sammy?”
“Yes. but not girls’ clothes!”
“Clothes are clothes. Sammy. There’s no such thing as boys’ clothes and girls’ clothes.”
‘But why do I have to wear a bra? Only girls wear bras!”
“Without a bra. your top would look ridiculous. Sammy. Think of it like wearing loose jeans with no belt. You wouldn’t want your jeans to fall down all the time, would you?”
“This is nothing like that!” Samuel screamed.

“Stop this now, Sammy. I pay for a lovely new outfit for you. I pay for your gorgeous new haircut. I pay for everything. Now stop being so ungrateful or you can make your own way in life.”
Samuel began to sob and feeling a twitch of guilt for upsetting her darling nephew, she turned him towards the mirror. “Look at yourself, Sammy’, she said softly, “Look how silly you look when you cry. Try smiling and you’ll see how much nicer you look.”
Samuel forced a smile and began to quieten down. His aunt wiped the tears from his face and ran her fingers through his blonde extensions. “You look adorable when you smile, Sammy.”
Samuel wrapped his arms around his aunt and mumbled how sorry he was for screaming. “It’s okay, sweetheart” she said. “How about we go home and start planning that Halloween party I promised you? Your cousin is really looking forward to it. Why don’t you show her how excited you are for it? Here, use my phone…” Back at home, Sammy’s cousin felt her phone buzz and she opened the picture of her mother and her cousin together. She smiled, thinking of how well her cousin had turned out since he started living with her and her mother. Halloween couldn’t come soon enough…


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