Making the most out of a bad Situation !!

Sure, it might look like I am enjoying myself, that I like this new life, but that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t forcefully feminized. I was, and I still stick by that story. I know that many people have started to doubt me, telling me that I must have wanted it,” and that honestly makes me quite mad. Like, I didn’t beg for this. I didn’t beg to be injected with chemicals that have forever altered my body’s chemistry. The fact that I no longer produce the testosteron levels I used to is not something I enjoy.I simply try to live with it,and I’ve done quite good for myself.Yeah, ask yourself, if you were a guy like me and you suddenly got a pair of double D breasts, would you avoid playing with them? Would you be able to resist? I don’t think you would. Even if they’re stuck on my chest, they’re still really sexy.I love to look at them and touch them and make them jiggle. I am, and have always been, a boob man. I love ’em.Sure, I get a lot of unwanted attention from other men. They don’t know that I am not really a woman, so they often think they can flirt with me. They sure do like trying. And sometimes, yeah, I might flirt back. Just a little. I’m no prude, I know what they want, but why shouldn’t I toy with them? It’s so pathetic seeing them be mesmerised at the sight of my cleavage, and I can’t help but to see how far they are willing to go to try and please me. It is just for fun, but it means I get all my drinks for free.

I get so much for free, these days. I haven’t had to pay for anything since I managed to escape my kidnappers.You may wonder how I can afford such a nice place and such a big wardrobe.It is a natural question to ask me, I mean, I was dirt poor before I got kidnapped and forcefully feminized. There’s no way I should be able to afford any of this. But I noticed, after I got my new looks, that people seem to be willing to pay me for just looking pretty. All I had to do is give them a little show and they will shower me in donations.I jiggle a little, then I giggle a little, and I make them think they could fuck me one day. Of course, they won’t get to fuck me. I am a cocktease, and maybe that is bad, but it sure does pay the bills.Yeah, I do live shows on the internet via my webcam. I don’t like being branded a “shemale,” but what can you do? It’s what they call people like me. I don’t do pornography, though.I try to keep things clean. Sure, I take my top off. I will take my panties off, too. But that is only if you pay. I don’t enjoy exposing myself to a bunch of pervs on the internet. I am doing this for their cash.So before you claim that I must have enjoyed being feminized, think again.No, I simply see an opportunity for myself. I never chose to become this big boobed shemale, but when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. I will happily seduce guys and tease them if it pays for my rent. Just because I didn’t choose this life doesn’t mean that I am not good at it.

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