It felt odd to be stood there handing in his badge, but Detective Barry Grant knew he had no option. “I’m sorry, chief,” he said. “I’m turning in my badge and my gun and quitting the force.”
“I know it’s a shock, but you must have seen this coming? I really did go into the Gender Transmogrification Program with the best of intentions. When you said I could really make a difference I jumped at the chance, and I figured becoming a woman would be a walk in the park, I thought it’d be just like any other undercover job, that I’d do it for a few weeks and that would be it.”
“I know the psychologists warned of the dangers of embracing my new body, and now it’s easy to see why so many candidates wash out of the GTP, but back before the modifications I really did think I’d have no problem coming back.”

“I was always so comfortable with my masculinity, high school quarterback, married to the homecoming queen, three kids and a bucket full of citations. I always wanted to be a cop, to make a difference, to protect and serve.”
“But since I’ve been Mollie things…well, things have been different, and I’ve begun to understand that all that macho bullshit was just that, bullshit, a cover for the real me buried deep inside.” “Everything about being Mollie feels right in a way being Barry never did. I love dressing like this, love putting on makeup and doing my hair, love being pretty. And I love being a hooker, love being a whore. Boy, I did not see that coming, but this body is just turned on all the time.

“Mollie is who I’m meant to be. I always thought I wanted to protect and serve, turns out I just wanted to serve, on my back or on my knees. I know the department will see my wife and kids right, guessing Barry Grant will ‘die’ in the line of duty. That’s fine, then I can relax and really enjoy being Mollie.”
“I’m glad you’ve been so understanding. Chief. Oh, of course, you can make out with me, I was hoping you’d ask to be honest. No charge, if I can’t screw my old boss on the house what’s the world coming to? So, what do you want, chief, my mouth or my back? Both? Oh, I was hoping you’d say that!”

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