Mail Order Bride !!

Alex had always been interested in the concept of a mail-order bride. He was never good with women, and the idea of being able to buy a wife of his own seemed like the only way he would ever get to be with a woman. It was what inspired him to go to the website in the first place. The site, an old geocities domain, was slightly mistranslated to English but got the point across. Alex registered himself on the site, paid a $1000 fee and sat back in satisfaction. He was all set now he just had to wait to be notified of when the service was going to deliver her to him.

Unbeknownst to Alex, he had made a grave mistake- the website was not mistranslated. lt literally meant that he would be delivered to them. It was a mistake he realized too late when the men came to his house, bound him and put him on a plane. Oh God- they were going to make him a wife!! Now, after several surgeries and unanswered pleas of mercy, Alex was now Alexcia, a busty blonde woman and stay-at-home wife of an ill tempered KGB agent. Having learned the consequences of disobedience and complaining, Alexcia sat on their shared bed, dressed as her husband demanded, and waited apprehensively for her husband’s return, granting her more than enough time to think about the permanent mistake she had made.

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