Lucky Girl

When 18 year old Ryan’s parents divorced they both went their separate ways and neither particularly wanted to take their son with them, so in the interim until he could get things sorted, Ryan took up the offer of his 50 year old
neighbour Roger that he could stay in Roger’s little summer house.Ryan had always found Roger a little creepy, and as kids the local children had thought him a wizard, but Ryan was in no position to be choosy,so he put up with the curious glances from the older man, got used to the curious wallpaper inside the summer house which seemed to involve lots of ancient runic symbol scrawled on the wall, and even
drank the horrible tea Roger insisted on making him every evening.Then one day, after about two weeks, Ryan woke up and discovered he was now a girl. Oddly this strange turn of
events didn’t seem surprising. He knew he should have been shocked, should have called the police, or for an ambulance,
but he did none of these things.Instead he dressed in the female clothes that had suddenly appeared in his closet and then he knocked on the door of the main house. “Oh hi, Roger. The strangest thing happened, I’ve totally turned into a girl. I know I should be hysterical but it feels normal so I figure I’ll just go with it
Maybe you should call me Katie from now on though. Also I don’t think a young woman should be sleeping out in the summer house, so I was wondering if l could move in with
you? It’s weird but I seem to totally dig older men now and I find you super-hot. Can I be your girlfriend? I can? That’s great! I sure am one lucky girl!’

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