Lucky Girl !!

“Hurry up and finish dressing Max, auntie has a full day planned for you. First a hypnotherapy refresher session with my friend Kathy. I think you need a bit more help with accepting your new position as my sweet demure niece. After all, despite the fact that you have right now is a completely feminized body, in your heart, you remain a typical guy. I do not want a lesbian niece. After a session of hypnosis, even the thought of being with a woman will be disgusted for you. The object of your desires will be only strong, courageous men, like my friend Steve.

He is rich and owns a large mansion on the other side of town. A year ago, he became a widower and now is looking for a right wife for himself and a mom for his 3-year-old son. Don’t worry he’ll be a good husband. Just think Max, if your car didn’t break down near my house, you’d just be another dull boring guy with a dull boring job. But now you’re now the niece I’ve always dreamed of, and you’ll have a nice female life. Believe me, it’s worth it to exchange pants on pantyhose. Your such a lucky girl Melissa. “

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