Love Triangle !!

The global occult conspiracy known as “The Spiral” thought they had neutralised Detective Oscar Lamar by transforming him into nightclub singer Mindy Lamar. They didn’t expect Mindy to remember her old life though, and now she wants revenge! Mindy finds herself where she doesn’t want to be,back in Miami, the city she used to call home when she was still Oscar. On the run from Spiral assassins there is only one person Mindy can trust in the city, unfortunately that person is Paula, who was, in the original timeline, Oscar’s wife.

Only now she’s married to a man named Jon Hunter.Although Paula has no recollection of the original timeline, Mindy is still able to ingratiate herself into the Hunter family home. Mindy thinks she can lie low for a while, she hasn’t factored in that she is still very much in love with Paula, or how strongly she is attracted to Jon.Before long Mindy is locked into a seductive triangle with Paula and Jon, distracted by love and lust can she stay focused when Spiral come calling?

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