Love Potion !!

“You look really cute Alicia,” Matthew said as he sat across from this beautiful girl at a table outside their favorite bar. Alicia tried not to smile as he said this. Just 20 minutes ago she was a he, but when Alex popped off to go use the restroom Matthew slipped a few drops of FemXtract’s new “Love Potion” product into Alex’s coffee. When Alex returned he drank some more and that’s when things changed. Time seemed to stand still for Alex as everyone around him seemed to freeze. Alex was now anatomically female. And as time seemed to kick back into action, no one else seemed to have noticed her sudden transformation. No one, that is, except Matthew. “That’s better, Alicia.” When Alicia heard Matthew say her name, her heart melted. No. Wait. That’s Matthew! I’ve known him since middle school…why am I getting turned on by him all of a sudden?

FemXtract’s new Love Potion formula has the ability to turn any man who swallows it female, making her fall in love with the man who supplied her administered it. “Soon, my love, Alex will be no more. You are Alicia, and in minutes that’s all you’ll ever have known yourself to be,” Matthew said in a hunky whispered voice that drove Alicia crazy. This is crazy. He’s your best friend, you can’t have these feelings. Even if he is perfect, and sexy, and dreamy. Well, Ale… Alicia, you do know him better than anyone. And, you do love him so much. Matthew could see the change taking place in Alicia’s mind as she began to accept her new identity. “What’s say we get out of here babe? Go back to my place?” “Let’s go, sexy,” Alicia said as she winked and sipped more of her beer, infatuated with Matthew, the man she loved.

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