Love Being a Woman !!

As soon as Michael came home he slipped off his shoes. It had been a long day at work at the bank and he wanted nothing more than to slip into a hot bath. He turned on the water, added some bath salts and when back to his room where he began to take off his business suit. Underneath the somber black suit he was wearing a sexy lingerie set of matching bra, panties and stockings.Michael smiled as he looked down at the lacy underwear and he caressed his legs in the smooth nylon. It thrilled him to think that he was probably wearing the sexiest underwear in the office. There were plenty women where he worked and he often thought about what they each might be wearing but he liked to believe that his lingerie was the naughtiest of them all. As he looked down at his smooth body and how feminine it looked in the lingerie he wondered if some of the girls at work suspected he might be wearing girls’ underwear. In the past few days they seemed to come over and pat him on the back a little more than was necessary. He hope that his bra strap wasn’t showing through the back of his jacket. Surely they couldn’t know, could they? Michael tried to shrug off the thought but the more he tried the more he couldn’t stop thinking about it. They did seem to be making more and more comments about his long hair. As he thought back on the day he realized that all day long the girls had seemed to always be around him and each of them had touched him on the back at least once. In fact, when he had gone to make himself a coffee in the small kitchenette one of the girls had brushed her hand against his thigh as she reached down to fetch some more paper towels. He remembered how he had panicked that perhaps she had felt the strap of his stockings but she had just apologized and smiled at him. Just like all the other female coworkers that had been smiling at him all day…

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