“Oh, the criminals of this town better watch out, there’s a new hero about to take the streets,” Lindsay said in her most excited voice. “Here he comes, it’s Pussyman!”Ha, hah…” I dryly commented. Lindsay just think she’s so hilarious. “Are you going to call me ‘Pussyman, “really?” “Well, I could call you ‘Pussygirl,” if you prefer that,” Lindsay said. “God knows, you certainly don’t look like a man now.””It’s this fake cleavage you gave me. It looks like I’ve got real tits,”I said defeated. “It’s not as if Ilike looking this girly.” “Hey,I wouldn’t be able to give you such a tasty cleavage if you worked out more,” Lindsay said. “You’ve practically got boobs already, all I did was push them together and make them look sexy.”“Look,I know you won the bet and all, and I am happy for you,” I said trying to change the subject.

“But do you have to tease me, too? Can’t you just be cool for once, Lindsay?” “Look, ‘bro,” Lindsay said, clearly not using the word ‘bro with the reverence it deserves. “You can either go do this convention as a sexy hot girl, or as a boy with his embarrassing tits on display. What would be more humiliating? C’mon, show me how a girl would act to get into character.” Lindsay had a point, it would be humiliating if anyone figured out that I am a guy. At least now it is only Lindsay that knows about it.I am sure I might get nerds trying to flirt with me, take pictures and whatever else, but at least they won’t know my real identity. So, reluctantly I gave Lindsay what she wanted. I showed her what Pussygirl does best. Meow! “Oh, honey!” Lindsay said. “We’re going to have to do this more. Have I mentioned that I am bisexual before?”

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