Damnit he had this bet won and then the darn zipper had to get stuck. If he hurried he was liable to make it worse. If he could just get the cloth out of the teeth. There! Oh heck, stuck again. He looked at the clock. He had less than a minute to win the bet. With one final effort, he got the zipper up only to hear the girls yell out ‘time’s up!’ He almost wanted to cry. He’d been so close and now he’d have to actually go out with the girls in this dress. That was the easy part, he’d seen himself in the mirror while putting on the makeup. He had no doubt Helena passed. What really frosted his flakes was that he would have to work for the next month as Helena. And he’d bought all the girls maid outfits to clean his apartment too! Well, maybe he could make another bet. The girls laughed to themselves seeing the frustration on Harm’s face. If he only knew they’d put little threads in the teeth of the zipper, guaranteeing the zipper would stick. There was no way they were wearing the maid outfits he’d bought!

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