Looking Good !!

“Really, all this fuss and effort that goes into making women look good is ridiculous,” I said. “It’s not as if it makes that big of a difference.” “I think it makes a difference on you, hun,” Victoria, my best friend going back since childhood commented with a laugh. “Can hardly tell that you’re a guy underneath all that make-up “Well, duh,” I said. “Of course it makes a difference on me. I hardly look feminine to start with “Do you really expect your fiancée to just believe that you’re somebody else?” Victoria asked. “It will require lots of good acting on your part. “I know that I’m a dick for snooping on my soon to be wife,” I sighed. “But need to make sure she’s the same person around strangers as she is with me.” “Sure, you’ve got trust issues,” Victoria said mockingly. “But I am wondering whether or not she’ll see through the disguise. “What do you mean? Of course she won’t,” I said confidently. “After this time you’ve spent making me look passable I can hardly recognise myself in the mirror.” “Yeah, sure…” Victoria said dismissively. “You are typically such a manly bloke.” “Absolutely, “I said. “It’s a wonder what make-up can do…”

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