Long Journey !!

Working alone as a research scientist has many benefits, you don’t have to share the glory with anyone else, and there’s no colleague to steal your inventions, however when things go wrong you can end up in a lot of trouble.Take 58 year old physicist Professor Hubert Moss. When he’d completed trials on his teleporter he had no choice but to use himself as the first human test subject, and when a power surge ensured that his mind was teleported into the body of 28 year old schoolteacher in Belarus named Anna Yurevich.He had nobody he could call for help. His only hope of reversing the process lay in getting back to his lab in Glasgow, but trapped in an unfamiliar body, in a foreign country and with limited resources this would not prove easy and the only way to do it was to embark upon a long series of train journeys.Unfortunately a beautiful woman travelling alone, especially one who only speaks English and who doesn’t want to bring attention to herself by speaking to the police, will always attract attention from the men she meets.So far Anna has had to have sex with three businessmen, two ticket inspectors, an off duty solider and a farmer.And he hasn’t even got halfway across Poland yet! It’s going to be a long journey!

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