Things were not going well for Specter, his mission had been a success, but he’d missed the preplanned extraction on account of a few unforeseen entanglements. He’d have to find his own way out now. Disguised as an old lady, he’d successfully made it into the airport, but getting past the heightened security and onto a plane was going to be a challenge. Sitting down on a bench, he placed his large, dull colored, duffle bag down next to him as his watchful eyes surveyed the surroundings. It was the group of Virgin Atlantic flight attendants however, that caught his eye, with special interest being placed upon one that had excused herself from the group and headed towards the restroom. Seizing his chance, he followed her in. Then, after ensuring that the two of them would be alone, he made his move; she never saw it coming. 20 minutes later he was dressed in her tight, crisp, bright red, uniform and putting the finishing touches on ‘her makeup, making sure that it was perfect ‘ that she’ was a proper flight attendant now after all, even if ‘she was wearing a rather raunchy set of lingerie underneath.

According to her documents, she was now Miss Sara Quinn of Hollister, California, who was soon to be age twenty-seven in just a few weeks. Quietly exiting the restroom, she quickly headed towards ‘her terminal at a brisk pace, the rhythmic swish of her skirt and click of her heels setting the tempo of her walk. Getting into character wouldn’t be hard; it was the getting too much into character that worried her. Already, she found herself sashaying down the path as if it were a fashion catwalk, much to the amusement of several men inside the terminal. She even flashed a cute smile back at the handsome security guard who had just winked at her as he waved her through security. His obvious attraction delighted her unexpectedly and she couldn’t help but play the tease, brushing her hand over his pants, as
she walked by. The response that elicited filled her with glee. Damn this was going to be a fun flight home.

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