..and that concludes mine on location report. Live from the new downtown “Playboy Club”, this is Kevin Wilson, Now back to you in the studio, Jerry.

Thank you, Kevin. We here at Channel 99 all thank you for being such a good sport and dressing up in that outfit to get into the spirit of the evening. How does it feel to be a Playboy Bunny?

Ha Ha well, Jerry, let’s just say you’re just lucky you won the coin toss. I’II be waiting for when it’s your turn to wear high heels.

I’m sure you’re not the only one. Now, please stay tuned for these important messages from our sponsors.

..and…CUT! We’re off the air now. You really lucked out that you won the coin toss and Kevin got that assignment instead of you, Jerry. You’d look pretty ridiculous in a Bunny outfit.

Tell me about it. Kevin looks fantastic in that outfit, much better than I ever would. It’s the entire reason why management even came up with the idea for us to cover the Playboy club. In fact next week there will be that “Hooters” Grand Opening that we should cover the same way. Kevin is going to look so hot!

Yeah, that would be great for ratings, but what if you lose that coin toss and you’re the one who has to do the interview in orange shorts?

That’s not going to happen. Why do you think l bought this double-headed coin?

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