The cruelest joke was played on Betsy. After shopping for panties, she walked towards home when everything she thought she knew was turned upside-down. How, you’d ask? Well, you see, Betsy remembered things from a former life she never knew she had when she heard the code word. It all started three years ago when Betsy was a young man, Fred, and ran a successful retail store. Filled with confidence, Fred expanded his operations with financing from the only source available to him, organized crime. The interest rate was at market rates and the other terms of the loan acceptable. Organized crime offered competitive loans, unknown to many people. The only issues arise when the borrower fails to pay. Where a bank has rules it must follow when collecting on a delinquent loan, organized crime has more, ah, incentives to make the loan current. Soon afterwards a major employer in the area closed down killing Fred’s retail store. Soon he ran short of funds. The crime boss used several methods to collect on the loan, but Fred had no money to pay the loan regardless the tactics used.

Out of ideas, the crime boss knew he would have to think outside the box to get paid. He had Fred brought in for hormone treatment. Fred was informed he would be transformed into Betsy and forced to work as a call girl to pay his debt. As Betsy, Fred was a terrible call girl so they put Fred through intensive hypnosis therapy. Before long Fred couldn’t remember anything of his former life. He was a happy call girl raking in big bucks for her boss. As part of the therapy a key word was inserted into the hypnosis. When the loan was paid in full and Betsy heard the word “SEXY” she would remember her old life. Earlier that morning Betsy was given the good news she could change careers if she wanted due to an old debt satisfied in full. On the way home from shopping for women’s clothing a man looked at Betsy and said, “Hey, sexy!” Betsy stopped in her tracks, all the memories of his old life mingling with her call girl actions of the last three years. The look on her face: priceless.

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