Living with Step Mom !!

“No, of course I’m not letting my step-mom do her crazy brainwashing stuff on me,” I said to my best friend Kelsey on the phone. “I know what she’s trying to do, turn me into some total fruitcake, but it’s not working on me.” Ever since being robbed of my smartphone I’ve only been able to talk to Kelsey through the landline. My step-mom is so old-fashioned that she still has one. She complains when I talk for too long, because you can only make one call at a time. She’s so annoying… like, Oh. My. God. Just the worst.What am I doing? Well, I’m just lying in my bed. I’m wearing my new lingerie that I got, and it’s like super comfortable,” I said to Kelsey. “What, no I didn’t say ‘nightie, don’t be an idiot. It’s my new pyjamas. It’s like super soft and cute.” Kelsey got worried when I told him that I was moving in with my step-mom. Ever since my father died my relationship with her has been more than a little icey. But I’m absolutely broke and have nowhere else to go. She’s still technically like my mom, so she can’t kick me out. And besides, she doesn’t have any other kids so maybe she does care for me a little. Though she always says she’d prefer to have a daughter.Yeah, I know my voice is sounding weird. I have a cold. I told you about it,” I said to Kelsey. “So what if I told you about it several months ago. It’s a stubborn cold. My voice may be higher than usual, but it’s not like you have to make a big fuss about t. You’re being so over-protective right now.” Some of the fashion I am wearing now may seem a little strange, but it’s comfortable. Besides, I am not going out that much, so I don’t care what I look like. And it’s not all bad. My chest’s been swollen lately, and these clothes just fit a lot looser around that area so it makes it easier to breathe than when I try to wear some of my old boring boy clothes. “Melody! It’s time for dinner and you’ve been talking to your boyfriend for two hours now. I want you to hang up now!” my step-mom yelled from downstairs. OMG, moml He’s not my boyfriend!” I cried back at her. “You’re so stupid!” And the nails, aren’t they cool-looking? I always used to bite them, but now I’ve just let them grow like super long. It’s thanks to the stuff that I put on them, it’s like I no longer want to bite them because that’d ruin how pretty they look. Well, maybe a guy shouldn’t want to look pretty, but that’s just what other guys say. Girls don’t mind guys that look cute and girly. They like guys that like pink .You wanna meet me? Like… on a date?” I said to Kelsey. “You’d really like to see my new outfit, it’s like super sexy and I practically feel naked wearing it. But maybe If i just save that for when we get back to your place. I’d be my gift for you, babe.” Maybe this is a little ‘too much information, but lately I’ve begun thinking about Kelsey in ways I didn’t use to. Like… I actually think he’s kinda hot. Y’know, in that sense a guy can find another guy super hot and sexy. And, like, wanna kiss him and stuff.”What do you mean I sound like a girl?” I said to Kelsey. “You’re so silly, Kelsey!”

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