Living with Aunt !!

It’s been well over a year since Richard was sent to live with his aunt. He’d gotten into so much trouble that his mother was at the end of her hope. Her sister Vivian lived in a different city and Linda thought the change would do him good. At least he’d be away from the gang of trouble makers he hung around with. Vivian has a dance school and she knew just what Richard needed to turn his life around. She started the first day to hypnotize him and he’s been under post hypnotic control every since. Vivian decided that she would now release him from the control knowing that if he reacted badly she could put him back under with her single trigger word. Rachel has just finished helping her with her last class of the day and she sat there really confused as she came out of it.She could remember the entire past year of living as her aunt’s neice and being a girl. It was like her past was this hazy dream as she felt her fuller bottom in the chair and the breast on her chest.Before she could say anything Vivian said Rachel I woke you up completely because I think you’re ready to be fully present now. After watching you dance I think you could be even better if you are fully aware. You are by far the best student l’ve ever taught. Rachel smiled as her memories all caught up to date and she asked does mom know she has a daughter now? Vivian smiled as she said yes she knows and she loves you Rachel. I even sent her videos of you dancing. She’ll be here in a few weeks to see you so we’ve got some shopping to do for a new dress for her visit.

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