Living up to his Character !!

Steve (32) had been in the body of a hot girl for a few years now, the great shift had hit his small town andvnearly everyone’s bodies were switched with people they didn’t know. Steve found himself in the body of a cute teen girl, she had long blonde hair and a dainty body. He didn’t have any clue who she was or where she was from but there were worse bodies to be stuck in. It took a while to get used to a new routine and feelbcomfortable as a girl but now it was like he had alwaysbbeen a cute girl. He got abnew identity and chose thebname Kaitlyn. He decided to take up a few activities after school like cheerleading and learning to play the piano. After a while he began to think his tutor was handsome. One day he put on his sluttiest leather pants to hug his round butt. He had bought a present for him and gave it to him as he sat down and warmed up ready for his lesson. His teacher asked “What the hell is this” as he pulled his present from the bag. Steve turned around with the most shocked expression he could. It was lube and condoms, it was safe to say he was living up to be Kaitlyn.

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