He wasn’t supposed to get home this soon! He told me several times that he’d be away for the whole week! Then now he shows up in the middle of the night completely out of the blue! It is rude! Well, I suppose that it is his house. He’s letting me stay here out of the kindness of his heart. I really cannot be mad at him, he isn’t rude. But at least he could have called! It isn’t very nice not to let me know. He should be more respectful to his house guests… although, I suppose it’s happened now. No more secrets. I’ve always liked getting dressed up. I am a boy (I hardly feel comfortable calling myself a man,) but I have always been a part girl, too. Perhaps more girl than a boy, if I am honest. I normally can’t afford the clothes, but he still have several boxes of clothes that used to belong to his ex-wife. Why she hasn’t picked them up, I don’t know, but she’s my size! How could I possibly have resisted? Would you have been able to?

I have spent the last few days completely indulging my feminine side. I have gotten quite good at it, and I know I can pass as a young woman, easy. But it is not as if I was ready for this. Not now, perhaps not ever! But… I have to admit that something in me got excited when I heard his footsteps in the hall. My legs got weak thinking about him moving up close behind me. The thought that maybe I could make him want me
. “Did you think those boxes belonged to my ex-wife?” he said. “Don’t be silly, girl. I have known about your secret for a long time. Those clothes are for you. See it as your way of repaying me for letting you stay here, rent-free.”

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