Living in Paradise – Forced Feminization !!

What do you mean, you want to leave? We’re living in paradise, Natalie.Nathan squeezed his fists tight. He and Sara had been sent down to the creek to get water for the rest of the commune and it was the first time they’d been alone for weeks. Dammit, don’t call me that.I’m your husband, for God’s sake.” Sara let out a disappointed sigh. “This again? Sweetie, I’m your sister now. The sooner you accept that, the happier you’ll be. Elder Brother Matthias decided you had to be a girl. And look how you blossomed! It’s so obvious your body wanted to become female. Look at your breasts, girl! I mean, you’re like a goddess!” Standing knee-deep in frigid water, Nathan looked down at his large breasts and choked down a frustrated scream. Sara was completely brainwashed. The worst part? This was all his fault.Three years ago, he and Sara were married and living in Portland. But Nathan had become increasingly disillusioned with modern life. He began investigating the back-to-the-land movements springing up around the Pacific Northwest and became enamoured with their humble lifestyle. Eventually, he convinced job and join him on a commune in the remote backwoods of Oregon.For the first six months, life was good. A man calling himself Elder Brother Matthias ran the place. He was a little weird, but Nathan had expected-even hoped for-a little oddness in his new home.

The community housed about 35 people who all farmed, slept under the same roof, and smoked lots of marijuana. It was everything he’d hoped it would be, until the night he made “the announcement.”Matthias said our community was in disharmony,”Sara continued. “We didn’t have enough women, so to keep the balance he asked you to start making your body match your new feminine spirit.” And you did! I was so proud of you. Then,When Matthias chose him to become a “sister,” Nathan had almost walked out on the spot. But how could he ask Sara to leave her home again? She’d dropped everything for him to pursue this ridiculous dream.Besides, he had no idea Matthias was crazy enough to do more than just change what everyone called him.”Sara, it’s all bullshit. Don’t you get it? He’s giving me drugs or something.Sara lowered her voice. “Shhh. Don’t talk about him that way. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but I overheard him talking to Sister Tiffany, and he said he’s thinking about making you his next wife!” Nathan shuddered. The thought of sharing Matthias’s bed made him ill. But if he left the commune, Sara wouldn’t come with him; she was just too far gone. How was he supposed to choose between losing his wife or his manhood?

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