Mary stood watching her husband and just couldn’t avoid feeling a little guilty about how things have turned out.What made her have these feelings is that she knew she wanted him this way far more than when he looked like a man. Clark thinks that it’s allbhis idea to be Celine for her.She had told him years ago when they started to get serious that she was bi and had girl friends in the past.About 4 years ago she was on the verge of calling their marriage a failed experiment since she could feel her interest in her husband fading after just two years.Thats when a friend gave her the CD’s after she had talked with her about how she felt.

After about a year of her playing them every night as ambient sound in their bedroom, Celine begin to come out.Now they both know that it’s only a matter of time before Clark disappears all together.He’s been on hormones for well over a year now and doesn’t seem to miss the life he had.In fact Celine loves the ways they make love now and says it’s so much better without the preformance anxiety and she loves being on the receiving end of their toy just as much.Mary knows she’ll have to dump the guilt, they’re happy.

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