Living Doll !!

I can hardly breathe in this thing. I’ve never worn anything this tight in my life. Rather obviously, this is not my preferred way of dressing. I’m a flannel shirt wearing kinda guy, and my favourite pair of jeans have been with me for over ten years. Yep, putting on a latex catsuit is something entirely different, but comfort’s for another time. We got no choice when it comes to this. These breasts of mine? They’re not real. Well, they are real in that they are there on my chest, alright, but they’re fake. Two big implants forced upon me. I haven’t been made to take hormones or some breast-enlarging pills. So far, this can all be reversed. Once it’s over l’ll shave my head… maybe I’ll even burn the bleached hair off. My swollen lips are supposed to get back to normal in a few weeks, and I hope to God they weren’t lying about that. But even then, I’d rather be a guy with fat lips than some kissable chick. Casey, you’re expected to keep us updated,” I Remember being told that over and over by my extortioners. “Show us them pictures.

Fuck, girl. one of them said. “If you can’t take a sexy picture of yourself when we paid that much for your tits, then maybe we should book another appointment with the doc! Well, here’s a selfie for you, you bastards. Thinking that they can play with me like some living doll. It is never good to expect kindness from sociopaths. People have so little empathy that they consider this to be “gentle fun.” Sure, it is better than being left on the street bleeding from every part of the body. These guys kill people for sport. But if this is getting off lightly then I don’t know what to say. I attempt a pouty look as I point my phone at the mirror. Damn, I do look hot. There are times when I can’t help but notice that. Don’t get me wrong,I hate looking hot, but it sure is an experience. I don’t know what they’re using these pictures for. At first I thought it was more material to keep blackmailing me with, but surely they don’t need this many pictures for that? Are these pictures going up online? If there are spotty teenagers out there jacking off to pictures of me, then… Then I don’t think I can ever be clean again. No matter how easy it is to remove stains from latex.

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