“How do I look?”

“Fantastic. Now just get on with it!” Sammi and his girlfriend, Pam, were calling on one of the bigots who had made his life a misery at school. Sammi, now living full-time as a girl, had chosen this outfit for his visit as Jim Stevens was well known as a ‘leg man’. When Sammi knocked, an attractive lady answered the door and Sammi politely asked if Jim was at home and if so, could she possibly speak with him.

“I’m his mother, dear. If you just wait a moment, please I’ll get him.”

“JIM…can you come to the door, please? There’s a pretty young woman here who wants to speak with you.”

“Well, hello gorgeous.”

“Hi! Remember me? You were trying to grope me in the club last night but it was a little inconvenient so I thought I’d look you up.”

“Sure. How can I help? Why don’t you step inside? I’m sure I’ve got something to keep you amused for the afternoon if you want it.”

Stepping from the bushes Pam screamed, “KEEP YOUR PERVERTED HANDS OFF MY BOYFRIEND AND STAY AWAY FROM HIM IN FUTURE, SCUMBAG,” loud enough to attract the attention of both Jim’s household and some of their neighbors.

The girls then turned on their heels and were now giggling, but not before observing the reaction on Jim’s face at this entirely unexpected outburst and attack on his masculinity. He definitely looked as though he’d crapped himself before he scurried back inside where he would no doubt have a lot of explaining to do to try to salvage his image as a bit of a ‘ladies man’.


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