Life or Womanhood ?

Sometime in 1912…
Mother…(pant)…this is…(pant)…too tight! I (pant)…cannot breathe! Please… I’m sorry dear, but I need to gradually tighten your corset to get your waist down. All the other ladies your age are expected to wear corsets, you know. I have to wear a corset too, and even the queen of England has to wear a corset. I heard she has an 18-inch waist! You’ll get used to it like all girls do…now turn your head so I can see your figure. Yes Mother…but, mother…I’m not a girl or a lady or even a queen. I’m a boy. Don’t you dare say it, Danielle! You are no longer my son Daniel. You are my daughter now! Tell me you are a girl! I mean it, young lady. Tell me you are a girl. Right now! GULP! I…I am…a girl, mother! Much better! I am making you be a girl for your own good, Danielle. There is the talk of war brewing in Europe and I fear it will only be a matter of time before the Kaiser declares war on the French, or the Czar declares war on the Austrians, or the King declares war on the Ottomans. Even the American President will declare war on somebody, no doubt. The world is going mad and I already lost your father too, so I’m not about to lose my only son in some absurd war. Now behave yourself and stand still while I put your dress on you. But mother (mmmph)…I’ve been (mmmph) a girl for three whole years (mph).

I’m starting to forget I was ever a…I mean, not a girl! How much longer
(umph) do I have to remain a girl? Until I can get your waist to 18 inches…there, all nice, soft and feminine. You genuinely are a beautiful girl now, Danielle. You look so absolutely stunning in a silk dress that I hesitate to ever let you go back to wearing trousers. My Stars, look at your figure! I saw with my own eyes how you swooned when that handsome gentleman called you -Miss” and kissed your hand. Don’t deny it, Danielle, you like being a girl now. Mother, I swooned because I couldn’t breathe in this corset! I always wondered why men retired to smoking rooms for cognac and a cigar after dinner and we stayed in the parlors- we only want to sit still while trying to breathe! Not another word out of you, young lady. Being a girl is going to save your life someday and when that day comes, you’re going to love being a girl. Besides, there are a lot of advantages to being female. Men open doors to you, they always speak respectfully to you and never swear in front of you, they go out of their way to lift heavy things for you, and did you know during the sinking of a ship, they put women and children on the lifeboats first? No matter what happens to the men, now that you’re a woman you’d be evacuated and rescued first along with the other ladies. You are gonna be my pretty daughter, someone’s girlfriend and a wife and hopefully a mother one day.

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