Life From the Other Side !!

“Really Sis? That’s the third one this month! “Hey, don’t say that in front of her!” “By ‘her’ you mean ‘him’, right?” “Oh c’mon, it’s not my fault, okay? I’m attracted to guys, but only their personalities, so l change their bodies into something I prefer.” “And what if these guys don’t want their bodies changed?” “It’s not like that! I always ask first.” “She did ask me first! I was a bit sceptical at first, but the idea of lesbian romance with this hot thing…” “Hey stop it you!

Giggle* “… And this has happened with loads of guys? And they all change willingly?” “Yeah, you’d be surprised how many guys want to see things from the other side!” “Oh yeah, I’ve always been curious, but I never thought it would be
this great!” “.. .And this is easy for you to do, Sis?” “Oh, yeah, it’s quite a simple spell.” “Um… Do you… think you could, maybe…” “Of course l can. Anything for my bro!”

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