Life Changing Surgery !!

Jeremy was totally flabbergasted at his current situation, but he had to keep it from showing, if anyone on this train knew his secret, it might cause problems. This all started because of his stupid under-developed body. He had always been called scrawny and even called miss once or twice so he tried to find someone to do something about it. He found a doctor that was supposed to be excellent at body-sculpting surgeries. He called the surgeon and discussed his problem and the doctor said it would be no problem. It would be easier to give him a more well-defined chest and give him a more suitable shape. Jeremy was ecstatic and made an appointment for the next weekend, but what he did not count on is that the doctor was located in the more alternative’ part of town. Jeremy felt really uncomfortable the moment he got off the tram as he saw some guys holding hands and women kissing. He felt really sick when he heard a wolf-whistle come from some big grizzly of a guy. “I am not a chick!” He screamed, at which point the man responded, “I know! More like a twink it would seem.

” Jeremy felt disgusted, “I am not a fag you fucking pervert!” he screamed as he walked towards the surgeons not noticing the large man following. Jeremy had his hand on the clinic’s door when the man confronted him. “You going to the nice doc to make you more attractive?” “Get away from me, I TOLD you I AIN…” The man
caught Jeremy off-guard and grabbed him by the throat. “Now you listen here you little bitch. I wasn’t going to do anything to ya till you got all huffy. So if you want to get out of this in one piece.. ” the man pulled out a switchblade and shoved it towards Jeremy’s crotch, “you are going to make sure you let ME do all the talkin‘.” The man had told the doc all about how he wanted Jill fixed up. Girly enough to be able to cause some questionable glances in the straight community, but boi enough that any of his gay friends will be able to recognize him as a submissive little twink. Jill was horrified that his new bigger chest did not make him look more masculine as his new daddy was taking him back to clear out his soon-to-be-former apartment. Jill was going to be moving in as her daddy’s new girl and the bulge in daddy’s pants was really worrying him.

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