Life as a Wife and Mother !!

I couldn’t believe that I had agreed to go out dressed in a skirt. Though I had to admit that it wasn’t quite as strange as it once would have been since I was now a woman. You see, I used to be a guy named Steve. Across the street from me lived the woman you see here, her husband Mike, and their two kids. The wife decided that she was sick of just being a housewife and somehow managed to procure the means to swap bodies with somebody else. She thought my life looked interesting apparently, since one day she came over and stole it. So now, I was stuck living the life of a wife and a mother. As for the skirt, Mike had a dinner party at his boss’ place that evening and wanted his lovely wife with him. I felt totally self-conscious going out dressed like this, but there was also a part of me that kind of liked being, well, pretty. Maybe being in a female body was getting to me, but I was starting to think that I might try dressing up more often.


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